Thursday, November 26, 2015


Monomyth & Archetypes

We already handed this into you on paper, so here's our selfie proof. 

Archetypes of Our Monomyth

Dawn is a seeker, she questioned her life and was seeking something to improve it. Once an opportunity rises, Dawn doesn’t hesitate to chase after it. Her ambition keeps her motivated to push on when things are trying to stop her. Dawn leaves her home to chase after her dream in another world, which is Shrek.

Eric is a caregiver, he always puts others before himself. He puts himself in risky situations so that others can be safe. He ‘s very compassionate and his pursuit to help Dawn from her mother ends with him be harmed himself. He hates selfishness and builds structure to sustain a good life.

Mother is a destroyer, she embodies repressed rage and she is ruthless. She is careless of her own safety and that puts other in danger as well. She has destructive behaviour, and shows this when she is chasing after Eric and Dawn, breaking a bridge and chasing them down with her jeep.

Shrek is a lover, his friendship gives Dawn pleasure and helps her follow her bliss. The passion he  shows of seeking a relationship, lures Dawn from her other normal quests and leads her right to him, Dawn would be totally destroyed if Shrek leaves. This bond fulfills both of their needs.