Tuesday, September 29, 2015

"The Cat People" (surprisingly not about a support group for crazy cat ladies)

    Seeing the title at first, expecting a movie about crazy cat people, I was quite disappointed in this aspect. However, The Cat People wasn't a horrible movie to me, but it wasn't amazing either. This movie was not about crazy cat people, but rather about a young woman who fears her passion will turn her into a cat.

    There were many parts of the film I didn't understand. There were some hints and secrets I hadn’t noticed until told( probably due to the lack of my interest and focus) because it didn’t seem apparent or crystal clear in the film. The violence was all implied in actions and words and it was eerie because it was implied but never acted upon. The film did have a dark tone that you could notice, but something you couldn’t get into detail about unless you really paid attention. The storyline was quite slow, which I understand due to the time period, but it wasn't like "M" either-- it didn't keep my attention regardless of slow pace. I sort of zoned in and out, trying my best to keep up to pace but it just wasn't working for me.

    I did like how they used light and dark in the film, however. They always made Irena this dark slim and sleek figure that is always wearing dark clothing and lurking in the shadows, she even stated that the dark is “friendly”. It added to the whole violence-without-actual-violence thing, and how Irena is sneaky and evil like a cat. I think they were trying to make a comparison about satan as well, I didn't quite get that message though.

    Overall, I don’t know if I would recommend this movie to my peers, but I would watch it again myself to get a better idea of the art of it and the understanding.

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