Sunday, October 4, 2015

An Unnecessary Over-Emotional Story Using Elements of Art

Yellow Nostalgia
(In this photograph the yellow is vibrant and 
the pallete is very bright and fluorescent)
Lonely and lost, Taylor remembers her love and how 
they used to pick flowers together in the courtyard.

                Lost & Insecure               
     (Chelsea takes the form of an oval accompanied
     by the shape of the buckets behind her)
Chelsea begins thinking of Taylor, her soulmate,
and suddenly feels lonely and vulnerable without her presence.

Brushed Off

(Chelsea and Taylor are in unison, facing the same direction)
They had gotten in a fight earlier,
which left them both torn and distant.

Too Late To Apologize
(Our eyes fall all over this picture)
Chelsea begged for forgiveness, but Taylor
turned her apology down and demanded for space.

Far Far Away
(Outside being very light, inside being so 
dark Chelsea is just a silhouette)
Chelsea waited for hours for Taylor
 to come running back to her.

    Cold Shoulder
        (Same as above, however Eric is outside and still dark)
Eric has waited so long for this day to come,
for he has been in love with Chelsea for many months. 
   (The three are ordered tallest to shortest)
Eric always watched, so envious of Taylor.

 Open The Doors
(Chelsea is what our eyes fall on first in this photo)
Chelsea walked and walked,
hopelessly searching for Taylor.

      Mirror On The Wall
       (Chelsea and Taylor being the subject
        and negative space surrounding them)
Chelsea is losing her mind without Taylor,
even beginning imagining her beside her.

   Walls Apart
 (You could split this image in half and

    it would be the same on both sides, 
therefore this photo is balanced)
They finally cross paths, and they agree to disagree.

      (The brick wall and Taylor's flannel gives this photo texture)

They come together again, wondering why they ever parted.

Hanging By A Thread
(This photo was taken using the grid of the rule of thirds)
Eric, outraged that they didn't end up breaking apart,
tries to physically tear them apart himself.

        (The lockers, the stairs, and the lights all show a different line path)
After a great fight with Eric, he realized they will never ever part.

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