Tuesday, October 13, 2015

...............................The Fragile Juice Box............................

(ELS: The camera is very far away from our subject, and this establishes our scene)
(LS: The camera begins to zoom, but
there is still a considerable distance from the subject.)

(MS: The shot is waist-up, background is visible)

Quick Thinking
(CU: The camera is quite close to the subject,
it shows the expression of the subject clearly)

(Torso: The shot only shows the torso of the subject)

A Feel of The Place
(4 Panel Sequence: Showing rhe scene around the room without
using words gives the whole picture a certain mood and feel) 

(Over-The-Shoulder: This shot shows the perspective
from the shoulder of the subject,
its used to frame the image
 the camera is pointing towards)

 Warm Welcome

(Eye Level: Located at normal eye level of the subject, 
shows the perspective of the subject)

Seething Stare
(ECU: Much closer than a close-up, shows much detail)

This is also a cutaway shot, cutting and alternating from the perspectives of the subjects.

Come And Get It
(HA: Camera is positioned above the subject, looking down,.
It gives the picture a dramatic appeal)

What Are You Waiting For?
(LA: Camera is positioned below the subject, looking up)

Together, We Are One
(Head & Shoulder Shot: Shows the shoulders up to the head)

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