Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We are all rosebuds! *rainbow*

     Citizen Kane was a good film. It prodded at our mind through the whole film to get you thinking about what “rosebud” meant. That got me searching for clues and made me pay more attention to the little details in the movie to see if I could figure out what rosebud meant before the movie ended.

    The whole film seemed to be based on light and dark. There were many scenes where the character’s face were only lit by a tiny bit of light or they were completely in the dark, just a mere silhouette. This definitely helps how the mood of the film progresses and switches, it also helps set the scene. When there is darkness and silhouettes there is an ominous tone which the film sort of revolves around. Other than light/dark, there was negative space, shape, and line that helped give the film’s mood.

    It was a good film, I think what the artist was trying to portray worked out fantastically. There were many memorable scenes, and it was very enjoyable. The beginning dragged a little, but it caught my attention in no time at all. It got me thinking about money and how people think they can buy happiness with dollars, it seemed Mr. Kane tried to do this. It also got me thinking about power, dominance, and childhood innocence. What age do we lose our innocence? Do most of us try to hold onto it? When we find out what Rosebud is, it sort of touches on your heart and  gives you sympathy for Kane because most of us have something from our childhood that we will always keep near and dear to us, something that we never want to lose because we never want to lose our innocence. I think that was what the film was all about.

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